Body Piercing & Jewellery

At Park Street Tattoo we also offer body piercing,

it’s best to book an appointment for this.

We can also give aftercare advice about your piercing

whether it was done with us or not.

We also sell a wide range of body jewellery in store for various piercings and in various sizes.

Piercing Price list


Earlobe ~ £15

Both lobes ~ £20

Ear Rim ~ £15

Tragus ~ £15

Rook ~ £15

Conch ~ £15

Daith ~ £15

Snug ~ £15

Scaffold ~ £25


Nostril ~ £15

Septum ~ £25

Body Piercings

Tongue ~ £30

Lip/Madonna ~£20

Nipple ~£20

Eyebrow ~£20

Bridge ~£20

Navel (single jewelled) ~ £20

Navel (double jewelled) ~ £25

Micro Dermal Anchors ~ £30

Surface Piercings~£30


Piercing Aftercare

With all fresh piercings a small amount of bleeding is normal, this should stop after a few minutes.  Avoid handling a fresh piercing as little as possible as movement in the jewellery can result in scar tissue build up and infection.  When handling a new piercing please ensure that your hands are as clean as possible.  Try not to soak a fresh piercing, a shower is better than a bath in your daily routine.  It is important to keep your piercing as dry as possible during your healing period.  It is common for a clear fluid to discharge form a healing piercing, this is lymph fluid and is perfectly normal.  If you are concerned you may have an infection please feel free to contact us.

With all new piercings it is strongly advised to clean them twice daily with a cotton wool bud and saline solution.  This can be made using ¼ of a teaspoon of rock or sea salt mixed with ½ a pint of boiling water.  This should be made fresh every time you clean your piercing, also once cleaned use a cotton wool bud to dry the area.  Do not turn the piercing while it is healing as this can lead to scarring and infection.  During your healing process it is highly recommended that you avoid swimming for a minimum of 4 weeks.  For oral piercings it is recommended that you avoid spicy food and alcohol for the first two weeks.  A non- alcoholic mouthwash is also advised twice a day morning and night.  Your piercer will advise you on how soon you can change to a smaller piece of jewellery, it is also recommended that we change this for you.