EAR PIERCINGS                              

Earlobe · £25                                                    

Both lobes · £35

Helix · £25

Forward Helix · £25

Tragus · £25

Rook · £25

Conch · £25

Daith · £25

Snug · £25

Scaffold · £35

Jewellery Change - £5

A small amount of blood is normal with all fresh piercings, this usually subsides after a few minutes. Unless you are cleaning your piercing please try to avoid handling it, unnecessary movement can result in a build up of scar tissue and/or infection. Try to avoid soaking a fresh piercing, a shower over a bath in your daily routine would be better, it is important to keep it as dry as possible during the healing period. It is normal for a healing piercing to discharge a clear fluid, this is called lymph fluid. However if you are concerned you may have an infection please contact us at the earliest opportunity so we can offer any advice. 
We strongly recommend cleaning a fresh piercing twice a day for the duration of the healing period. This is generally 6-8 weeks however your piercer will advise you depending on the piercing. To clean your piercing you will need a saline solution and some cotton buds. Avoid cotton wool balls, they can be fibrous so are not ideal for cleaning a fresh piercing. You can make a saline solution using ¼ of a teaspoon of rock or sea salt mixed with ½ a pint of boiling water. Be sure you have clean hands prior to handling. Clean around the front and the back of the piercing ensuring you remove any build up. Don’t move the jewellery in any way (such as twisting or sliding the post back and forth). Avoid swimming for a minimum of 4 weeks. If you have an oral piercing, avoid spicy food and alcohol for the first 2 weeks. A non alcoholic mouthwash is advised morning and night. Most oral piercings have a larger piece of jewellery initially, after the healing period we can fit you with a smaller piece.


Nostril · £25

Septum · £30

Tongue · £35

Lip/Smiley ·£30

Nipple ·£30

Eyebrow/Bridge ·£25

Navel (single jewelled) · £30

Navel (double jewelled) · £35

Micro Dermal Anchors · £40

Surface Piercings ·£30

Genitals ·£50